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Interesting factoids about me:

  • I am a current MEng student with the HCIE group at CSAIL. As an undergrad, I studied computer science and humanities and mathematics at MIT.
  • My research interests lie in the intersection of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence to understand data and information. My current master's thesis hinges on making dynamic data visualizations tailored to a user's interests.
  • I am incredibly interested in product design and user experience, best shown with my internships at Meta, where I built a new feed for their marketplace, and Ultimate Software, where I helped create Ultimate's new component library and design system.
  • At MIT, I am part of the THINK committee, where I select several research project proposals from high school students to mentor and fund their research. I also am the head teaching assistant for 6.1200 (Math for Computer Science).
  • In my free time, I write short stories and poetry. I also love traveling and going for hour-long walks around the city.

Work Experience

Jump Trading

Intern | Jun '22 - Aug '22 | Chicago, IL

I worked as a software engineering intern at Jump Trading on their UI team. There, I visualized risk exceptions in a live chart, showing when teams are potentially overexposing the firm, and reduced the memory usage in-browser for the corresponding web application.


Intern | Jun '21 - Aug '21 | San Francisco, CA (remote)

I worked as a software engineering intern at Meta. There, I built and analyzed several UI components to raise awareness of the onsite checkout feed in the Shops tab, resulting in more engagement with the feed.

MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Head Teaching Assistant | Feb '19 - Present | Cambridge, MA

I am a current teaching assistant for the Mathematics of Computer Science (6.1200) class at MIT. I was also a lab assitant for the Fundamentals of Programming (6.009) class at MIT.

Microsoft Research - Semantic Machines

Microintern | Jan '21 - Feb '21 | Cambridge, MA (remote)

I worked as a software engineering microintern at Microsoft Research - Semantic Machines. There, I built a decision tree to predict the validity of crowdsourced data for computer-generated code.


Intern | Jun '20 - Aug '20 | San Francisco, CA (remote)

I worked as a software engineering intern at Salesforce on the UI Platform, Quality Systems team. There, I developed a browser plugin that automatically generates Javascript Object Notation code to create new page objects for web components.

Ultimate Software

Intern | May '19 - Aug '19 | Weston, FL

I worked as a software engineering intern at Ultimate Software on the Design Language System team. There, I designed navigation bars, page templates, and web components such as tooltip and banner for teams across the company to consume.

Jane Street

INSIGHT Intern | Jan '19 | New York, NY

I worked as an INSIGHT Intern at Jane Street for a week during my school's winter semester. There, I built an automated bot to trade in a simulated stock market.

Morgan Stanley

Intern | Jul '18 - Aug '18 | New York, NY

I worked as a technology intern at Morgan Stanley, Wealth Management. There, I developed two internal web applications, trak and seekr, which track developed websites as they go through different testing environments.

Museum of Natural History

Intern | Oct '16 - May '17 | New York, NY

I interned in the Exhibitions Department of the museum, where I built exhibits for a year. One ended up in the senses show, showcasing how several animals see differently than humans and why.

Interested in my resume? Here it is!



My master's thesis hinges on making dynamic data visualizations tailored to people's preferences.

CSAIL, CAML and Visualization groups

I worked on a joint project with the CAML and Cisualization groups in making a end-to-end user interface for users to apply transformations to test sets to test accuracy of NLP models.

python, javascript

MIT Media Lab

I built an API to retrieve data (e.g. lightning data) to visualize on a laser-generated globe. (yes, it was huge!)


Regeneron research

I predicted gentrification in NYC neighborhoods using public housing data from 2003 - 2017. I inputted final sale prices of houses in gentrifying and non-gentrifying neighborhoods into the Cox proportional hazards model, and trends allowed me to see what neighborhoods are most likely to gentrify next.

scikit-learn, pandas |

GSTEM research

I predicted housing prices for many unsold homes in NYC with regression models in machine learning. Using published data from zillow, I predicted the prices of unsold houses to improve Zillow's current algorithm.

scikit-learn, pandas |


Google StreetBuddy

My team and I built a multimodal Google street view, allowing for users to traverse through Google Street View through gesture (read through a Leap Motion) and through voice.

python, typescript |

Portable violin

My team and I built a violin on a glove. I specifically worked on building the main glove and refining the code.


TechX application viewer

My team and I developed an interface to allow committee members to easily read applications for THINK and XFair (a conference at mit) and accept/reject applicants.

react, mongodb

application viewer project picture

Stay Notified Cambridge

My team and I made an interface for the Cambridge City Council to notify its constituents about meetings being held.


application viewer project picture

Virtual activities midway website

I helped TechX make a virtual activies midway interface so that clubs and incoming freshmen at MIT can link together, specifically the filter function for the different clubs.


activities midway interface picture

FearlesslyGirl app

I helped FearlesslyGirl, an organization dedicated to inspiring girls to take on the world confidently and fearlessly, to build the hangout section of their new app.

react-native |

THINK website

I redesigned the front-end of the MIT THINK website to look more modern and sleek.

angular, bootstrap

Assassin game organizer

I worked with a team to develop an assassin's game organizer. A user can register and start/join existing assassin games. The app does all administrative parts of the game, such as randomly assigning targets and administering a way to mark deaths.

flask, javascript, bootstrap, sql databases |

Mario Party online game

I worked with a team to develop an online version of Mario Party. Two players can play simultaneously, going across the board and playing minigames to earn/lose coins. Players can also continue old games from the home page.

flask, javascript, foundation, sql databases |

Safari Zone game

My partner and I developed a game in processing simulating the safari zone minigame found in many main Pokemon games. Players can choose their character and catch pokemon, collecting them all in several safari zone habitats.

processing |

Spell checker

My partner and I developed a spell checker. By inputting text, the program checks each word with the dictionary and, if the word is not found, spell checks it. the user can also respell-check words.

java |

spell checker project picture

Want to see more? Check out my github.

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